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How To Organize A Hanging Closet- Tips From A Professional Organizer in Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

1) Purge clothes! If you don't do this regularly it is best to empty out the whole closet and let go of things that don't fit, you hate wearing, are stained or torn etc. This step is extremely important for 'Shoppers' to make space for your new items.

2) Organize into categories i.e. 'Sleeveless' 'Short Sleeve' 'Long Sleeve' 'Pants' 'Knits' 'Suits' etc. You can do this on a bed or on a hanging rod. It will pretty clear what you have a lot of and that becomes a category. Note: knitted sweaters are best to be folded.

Different types of hangers will take up more space and are unsightly.

3) Get unified hangers. If you have several different types of hangers, get one kind and switch them out! I prefer flocked hangers, garments won't slip off. Exceptions are heavy suits and coats, they should go on sturdy wood hangers. Get rid of wire hangers!

4) When you have two hanging levels use the top for tops ( blouses, shirts) and bottom for bottoms ( pants, skirts). Of course it depends on the amounts as well. Don't stuff one area only to keep within your category. Sometimes you can split off a sub category.

5) Face all the clothing in the same direction, all the shirts facing forward. For pants face the crotch in the back. That way you will have clean lines in the front. (Make sure the legs all hang in the same direction) .

Keep the categories together.

6) Use your long hanging rod for long hangs. Seems logical, but I often see dresses or long coats on a short level. It either drapes over the level below making it hard to see the lower level or things will drag on the floor catching dust. Fill the long hang area with long items first! I also like to use it for belts and scarves( depends on the space and how many and what types).

7) Color coordinate within each category or go from light to dark. That way it is so much easier to 'shop' in your closet for what you are looking for. ( You may also notice that you have 16 pink shirts and choose to keep only your favorite ones 😊).

8) If your closet is stuffed, perhaps you can take out seasonal clothing and store them in a bin or in another closet.

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